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"I definitely cannot afford health insurance right now. I'd rather take my chances and use the money for other priorities like rent, car, gas, whatever. If I have to see a doctor, I'll pay out of pocket or charge it and pay later. But, if I had to go to the hospital I don't know how it would be paid for."

Recent High School or College Graduate

COBRA Continuation of Coverage Through Employer Coverage

(Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act)

This coverage can be expensive because you will most likely have to pay the full cost of the premiums, which will be much higher than what your parents paid. However, there are often no restrictions if you have a pre-existing medical condition.

COBRA legislation allows students who are losing their dependent coverage status to extend their coverage up to 36 months through their parents' health plan provider. Graduates previously covered under their parents' group coverage have 60 days after being dropped to elect to pay for coverage under their parents' employer-provided plan. The coverage can be easily discontinued after permanent coverage is found.

What is COBRA and How Do I Use It can help you better understand if COBRA is a health coverage option for you.

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